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6555[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Brainless, shameless, moralising rubbish from GLW Paramatta

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  • Nick Fredman
    May 26, 2004
      Ed ironically says:

      >Which political discussion would that be, Nick? Calling Jim Nolan a
      >scab or Peter Garrett scum?

      I called Peter Garret a preening, monomaniacal rock star, which is
      possibly abusive, if undoubtably true, but take no responsibility for
      what anybody else calls anybody else. I totally agreed with the
      comments made by the moderator about the unacceptable use of terms
      like scum and scab on this by various people, including DSP members.
      However if all you got from Mike's careful and detailed refutation of
      the long-running lies about the DSP's involvement in the Nuclear
      Disarmament Party was his offhand use off the word scum, I think you
      rather missed the point. And if you can't find any politics in Green
      Left, I really wonder about your powers of comprehension, as the
      politics therein is presumably why 10 000 people or so read it each
      week. When you do find some politics in GLW maybe you could tell us
      what you find disagreeable about it, in a little more detail than
      dismissing the whole thing as "sterile propaganda", and giving us a
      very unoriginal parable about churches. Apologies in advance if you
      feel at all abused.
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