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6549Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Brainless, shameless, moralising rubbish from GLW Paramatta

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  • Michael Karadjis
    May 26 5:35 PM
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      "Nick Fredman" <sra@...>
      > The gleeful way infantile anarchist types spread internal documents
      > of left groups around on lists like the various Indymedia sites when
      > they manage to filch them (oh how clever and radical they must be) is
      > quite tiresome and completely unproductive, as the fairly typical
      > discussion in the link given by renegardne shows. >
      > The rest of this discussion is at the same political level as that of
      > anarchists who write naughty things on socialist posters.

      It made me feel a little 'sheltered' when I read the commentary of the
      "libertarians" in their "discussion" of the documents, because I was
      actually surprised to find people seeing themselves as "left" in some sense
      writing such amazingly infantile stuff.

      It reminds Nick of anarchists who write naughty things on socialist posters,
      but it reminded me more of kids who draw pictures of dicks on toilet walls.
      Like, I get around, but I suppose there are certain quarters I've been lucky
      enough to largelyy miss. Maybe these guys are the "national anarchists"?
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