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6547[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Brainless, shameless, moralising rubbish from GLW Paramatta

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  • Nick Fredman
    May 26 5:01 PM
      The gleeful way infantile anarchist types spread internal documents
      of left groups around on lists like the various Indymedia sites when
      they manage to filch them (oh how clever and radical they must be) is
      quite tiresome and completely unproductive, as the fairly typical
      discussion in the link given by renegardne shows. Bob Gould to his
      discredit plays this game too, though not in as juvenile and useless
      a way as the arrogant and smug "libertarians" who litter Indymedia
      lists. What Bon shares with these dilettantes though is using every
      skerrick of internal information to bolster their criticisms,
      regardless of evidence and even logic.

      If there is current financial problems in the DSP, it defies all
      logic that this would have anything to do with what Bob claims as
      crazy sectarianism towards the ALP, as Bob has repeatedly told us the
      DSP committed this original sin back in 1984. It is also very hard to
      see, as the person on Indymedia claims, how a frank appraisal of a
      difficult financial situation, put in a context of complex political
      tactics, has anything to do with "obscuring political difficulties".
      The rest of this discussion is at the same political level as that of
      anarchists who write naughty things on socialist posters.

      Enough with the sad titillation to be gained from peeking at internal
      newsletters, unless they make a real political point, and let's have
      some political discussion.
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