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5851Re: The ALP is EVIL!!!

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  • chen9692000
    Apr 22, 2004
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Carl Kenner"
      <carl_kenner@h...> wrote:
      > The ALP is EVIL!!! Very evil. Unspeakably evil some might say.

      As far as I can recall 'evil' is not a category of Marxist or left
      analysis. If you want to use theologically categories that's fine but
      try a list with George Bush or some other kind of fundamentalist. I
      know you're being rhetorical and that labour politics is fucking
      frustrating but this sort of talk will get us no-where.

      > Here are some things we can look forward to from our new federal

      This reads like you think fascism is imminent - brought to us by the ALP.

      > Environmental destruction: I'm not the most skilled environmentalist

      Why not?

      > War: Has the Labor party ever not supported a war? I don't think so!

      Come on, Carl. Even if you don't read Australian history as much you
      should at least look over some of the discussion on the list. In WW1
      the ALP split over the issue.

      I have no particular love for the ALP but it doesn't help to make
      polemics like this. Its frustrating but the enemy is CAPITAL - its
      influence is evident in the ALP as in everything else. This kind of
      talk reveals that as a revolutionary you don't know your history as
      well as you should and by talking this way you simply isolate yourself
      from the vast mass of people who have illusions in the ALP.

      > There are many more terrible things we can look forward to if the
      >ALP wins

      So perhaps we need to vote for the Liberals?

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