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5842The ALP is EVIL!!!

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  • Carl Kenner
    Apr 22, 2004
      Just a quick reminder for those who have been sucked in by Labor party
      propaganda recently:

      The ALP is EVIL!!! Very evil. Unspeakably evil some might say.

      While this should be obvious to anyone in East Timor, anyone in Palestine,
      most other foreigners, anyone in refugee detention centres, and anyone in
      Australia who's black, some people on the Australian left may have missed

      Since the ALP controls all the state governments, some local governments,
      lots of unions, and some "political" "campaigning" organisations, a quick
      look at these bodies should help remind people. In case you can't remember
      what things are the state ALP's fault rather than Howard's, here is a brief
      list: Our tough-on-crime, racist police; transport; health; and education.
      What is the fault of corrupt union leaders should be obvious.

      Here are some things we can look forward to from our new federal leaders:

      Apartheid: Yes, apartheid is making a comeback. If you thought Israel was
      the last western apartheid regime, think again! Aboriginal oppression like
      you've never seen it before will be coming to our doorstep, thanks to the
      combined efforts of our state governments and our new Federal leader. The
      sure beat the Liberals to this policy.

      Impaling aborigines: Not content to simply strip aborigines of their rights,
      they can now be killed freely by the police.

      Environmental destruction: I'm not the most skilled environmentalist around,
      but I can tell when we're doomed. And with the ALP's environment policies,
      our world will not last.

      War: Has the Labor party ever not supported a war? I don't think so! We'll
      have lots of fun wars to take part in under Labor thanks to its commitment
      to the war on terrorism, and the Australia-USA alliance. It took the biggest
      protest in history to make the ALP backflip from whole-heartedly supporting
      the Iraq war, to theoretically opposing it. And that was with them in
      Opposition. With them in government and unable to backflip, we'll have our
      very own Tony Blair.

      Lies: When it comes to lies, nobody does it quite like the Labor party. I
      don't know about other people, but the dishonesty in our government is
      driving me mad. And it's all because of the ALP.

      Persecution of refugees: The people who brought us the White Australia
      Policy, immigration detention centres and the welfare waiting period, are at
      it again. With our new border guards the Labor party is promising, we can
      keep all oppressed people out of the country (except the people we are
      oppressing ourselves of course).

      Robbing other countries: The ALP makes no secret of its imperial ambitions,
      and would never in its wildest dreams think of providing foreigners with the
      same rights as Australians. Exploitation galore.

      Denial of civil rights: Indefinite detention for no crime is not just for
      refugees anymore.

      Tax cuts for the rich: There is nothing Mark Latham likes more than to make
      the rich richer. Which is why he is so keen on his tax cuts.

      There are many more terrible things we can look forward to if the ALP wins,
      but I can't be bothered to list them. But don't despair, people will
      eventually grow a brain and vote for someone else, so the ALP's days are

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