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5619Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Social democracy, theory and practice

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  • Nick Fredman
    Apr 6, 2004
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      Thanks Kieran for clarifying your sex/gender (I've no idea why I
      thought otherwise) and your position. You could be right about the SA
      discussion, though unlike Bob I try not to conclude too much from
      second-hand reports of internal discussions, at least without hearing
      from all sides. With regards to discussions on this list, without
      necessarily agreeing with your assessments of the anti-ALP comments of
      Norbert and Kerry as "crude" I think the corollary to my point about
      how useful joint work between socialists can bring positions together,
      despite theoretical differences, is that organisational hostility can
      crudify positions and amplify differences, as well as bring extraneous
      crap like personal abuse into play. Even when there is organisational
      hostility we should try and have clear, civil and useful debate though,
      and I think your answers to Bob are a good model.
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