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5613Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] NSW Council (setting the stort straight)

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  • kieran latty
    Apr 5, 2004

      The claim of Zinovievism is unfounded, particularily in this case.

      There is no formal ISO position on the Moore issue.

      Whilst we did discuss the issue, of those ISO members present, 2 voted for Moore,  I Abstained.

      Individual members were free, and did, express their views on this issue at the meeting of the Alliance.

      They are also free to discuss these issues openly, as I have.

      However, I do agree with the concept of democratic centralism- if we did have a full discussion and came to a formal decision I would expect other members of the ISO to abide by that decision.

      They should still, of course, be allowed to raise disagreements with the aim of changing that position.

      Now, i think there are exceptions to this rule.

      If the ISO took a completely mad decision, I would have to consider arguing and voting against it openly.

      I do not in any way think the Moore decision falls into that catagorie.



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