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5610Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: NSW Council election results (and Bob's geography)

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  • Ambrose Andrews
    Apr 5, 2004
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      ozleft wrote:

      > By Bob Gould
      > Ambrose Andrews wrote:
      >>> Bob Gould in his inimitable fashion, 'outed' Chris Kerr as being
      > Peter Boyle. The twist in that instance is that it wasn't technically
      > 'outing' because it wasn't correct... it wasn't true. It was one of
      > Bob's ahhh... educated stabs in the dark.>>
      > Ambrose Andrews alleges that I outed Chris Kerr on this list. As
      > comrade Ambrose ought to know, that's just not true. I've never outed
      > anyone on any list.
      > I did ask some pointed questions about whether Dennis Berrell and
      > Michael Berrell were the same person, but I gathered that one of those
      > identities was the man's real name. Dennis Michael Berrell clarified
      > that to my satisfaction. It's hardly outing anyone to try to keep
      > track of their real name or dual personalities.
      Very good. I absolve you.

      > I didn't out Chris Kerr either. I genuinely thought, on the basis of
      > stylistic similarities in the rather lame satire used by Kerrvert and
      > Peter Boyle that Kerrvert was a pseudonym for Peter Boyle.
      Indeed. This genuine belief turned out to have been a mistaken genuine

      > As a result of this confusion on my part, one of Chris Kerr's fellow
      > DSP members outed him, and I can hardly be blamed for that.
      I don't think saying 'Chris Kerr is a real person' qualifies as outing.
      Possibly inning.

      > I've never outed anyone, I've just commented wryly a few times on the
      > barbed way people hiding behind pseudonyms have put the boot into me,
      > which is a reasonable response.
      Nobby is not a pseudonym.

      > I hope Ambrose Andrews will withdraw the claim that I outed Chris Kerr.
      I hereby assert that you failed to 'out' Chris Kerr solely by virtue of
      the fact that your genuine belief that he was a pseudonym for Peter
      Boyle turned out to be a mistaken belief. Had your belief been
      well-founded and correct, you would logically have outed him.

      Owing to the fact that he was immune / un-outable / 'in', I can happily
      assert that you are not guilty of outing Chris Kerr.

      Release the prisoner!


      Ambrose Andrews
      LPO Box 8274 ANU Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
      CE38 8B79 C0A7 DF4A 4F54 E352 2647 19A1 DB3B F823
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