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5597Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: NSW Council election results (and Bob's geography)

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  • Ambrose Andrews
    Apr 4, 2004
      ozleft [Ed Lewis] wrote:

      >I use a pseudonym because I have a job in the private sector. I'd
      >prefer that my real name not be picked up by my employer, or possible
      >future employers, in a Google search. This may not be such a problem
      >for people working in universities or the public service, but I don't
      >work there.
      Thats quite reasonable. Under most circumstances, I am not in favour of
      'outing' list members. (including current circumstances). It is an
      issue of democratic rights, as Ed has pointed out. It's also an issue
      of a mode of discussion. If someone on the list exhibits lunacy in their
      arguments, then that will become obvious to list members over a period
      of time, whether or not the person in question has a prior history of
      lunacy in another context.

      It also tends to distract from the actual debate. Bob (why am i always
      going on about Bob?) can hardly resist putting a little potted bio, or
      speculative comment about a list contributor before addressing their
      comments, such as his odd characterisation of Carl Kenner as a 'DSP
      supporter' on an occasion when it suited him. I mean it's not a big
      deal, and its a matter of style, but it can be used to muddy the waters.

      >This is not the first time I've been outed on this list. As far as I
      >can remember, no members of the DSP have been treated in this way.
      >Could that be because non-DSP participants in this list are a bit
      >more principled, sensible and respectful about their methods of
      I think this is a strange argument.

      Bob Gould in his inimitable fashion, 'outed' Chris Kerr as being Peter
      Boyle. The twist in that instance is that it wasn't technically
      'outing' because it wasn't correct... it wasn't true. It was one of
      Bob's ahhh... educated stabs in the dark.

      In my view this 'principled, sensible and respectful' behaviour from a
      non-DSP member doesn't accord with your musings.

      Blanket characterisations of DSP members and non-DSP members as the two
      fundamental categories of matter are unlikely to hold up against reality.

      But yes, I agree with Ed apart from this little twist at the end.


      Ambrose Andrews
      LPO Box 8274 ANU Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
      CE38 8B79 C0A7 DF4A 4F54 E352 2647 19A1 DB3B F823
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