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5594Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] NSW Council (setting the stort straight)

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  • Gould's Book Arcade
    Apr 4, 2004
      Thanks Kieran, for clearing the air a bit, by attempting to give a more or
      less comprehensive account of the sequence of events in the Sydney Branch of
      the Socialist Alliance. I accept your account of events, and will correct
      any future comment I make on this issue accordingly, using your account of
      the events as the definitive one in the absence of anyone else's account of
      the events being as complete and comprehensive as your own. Quite obviously
      Nobby's account is completely incorrect, by way of omission.

      I'd still make the following couple of points. Jack Mundey is a courageous
      fighter on pretty well all class questions and also on many environmental
      matters. His opinions, however, on such matters as preferencing Moore,
      however, shouldn't be taken as the last word. Over a very long period of
      time, Jack has had a very soft spot for Clover Moore, based on common
      environmental interests, and he doesn't give as much weight as I would, to
      the very concrete fact that she kept the Greiner Government in power for a
      number of years with her vote. On the question of outsourcing, Moore has
      refused to make any direct statement against outsourcing. You say that
      someone consulted the ASU, but you didn't tell us what response they got
      from the ASU (MEU). All officials I have spoken to from the ASU (MEU) were
      strongly in favor of preferencing Lee over Moore, because of Moore's refusal
      to be explicit about the outsourcing issue.

      When I spoke to DSP members and leaders at the antiwar demonstration two
      weeks ago, they were very anxious to point the bone at the ISO as the source
      of preferencing Clover Moore, and several significant DSPers said to me and
      others privately that they were opposed to preferencing Moore over Lee,
      which is why I raise the question of what I call Zinovievism. There is
      obviously, from your account of events, argument in both the DSP and the ISO
      on the question. But both groups are obviously bound, in reality, in the
      Socialist Alliance by the decision made by the leadership of the groups.
      This gives the decision to preference Clover Moore unstoppable weight inside
      the Socialist Alliance once the leadership of each group has pronounced in
      favor. This situation seems to me an almost classic example of Zinovievist
      arrangements in small socialist groups.

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