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5584Re: NSW Council election results (and Bob's geography)

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  • ozleft
    Apr 4, 2004
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      By Ed Lewis

      Ambrose Andrews wrote:

      >>I can make whatever outlandish statements I like on the basis of
      nothing but my own deeply held prejudices, and its not a lie, its
      an 'educated' guess... And its their fault anyway for not giving me
      all the details of their internal discussions (can't imagine

      The problem, for you Ambrose, is that Bob Gould's statements don't
      appear to be outlandish at all. In fact, his intelligence sources
      seem to be pretty good, including leading members of the DSP.

      There's no need for Mr Tobby, Peter Boyle or others to give "all the
      details", since they're pretty much out in the open in an
      organisation like the Socialist Alliance, despite Zinovievist
      attempts to keep it all under wraps.

      A question for Mr Tobby: how can a contested decision be "anonymous"
      (presumably you mean unanimous)?
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