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5581Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: NSW Council election results (and Bob's geography)

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  • Ambrose Andrews
    Apr 4, 2004
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      ozleft wrote:

      >By Bob Gould
      >Nobby Tobby accuses me of being a "fabricator of lies". Wow. I don't
      >much like being accused of lying by someone who shelters behind a
      >pseudonym but then half identifies himself as a member of the Sydney
      >branch executive committee of the Socialist Alliance.
      So how is 'sheltering behind a pseudonym' relevant? If you're not
      planning to sue your accusor, or engage in a duel at dawn, then it
      doesn't matter who it is, as long as its a consistent identity, which it

      You clearly do not enjoy being called a 'fabricator of lies'. Would it
      be more correct to say that you are not averse to making something up,
      if you don't know the real story?

      >Obviously, Zinovievist organisational arrangements don't allow him to
      >engage in a frank discussion of the events, so he falls back on
      >crude, offensive and inaccurate accusations that I'm lying. If I've
      >got it so wrong, tell us the actual sequence of events that supports
      >your argument, Nobby Tobby.

      'If i've got it wrong'.... also known as 'if I've just *made something
      up*, for purposes of provocation, then the onus is on you to correct
      me,' (but calling me a liar is out of line).

      I can make whatever outlandish statements I like on the basis of nothing
      but my own deeply held prejudices, and its not a lie, its an 'educated'
      guess... And its their fault anyway for not giving me all the details
      of their internal discussions (can't imagine why...).


      Ambrose Andrews
      LPO Box 8274 ANU Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
      CE38 8B79 C0A7 DF4A 4F54 E352 2647 19A1 DB3B F823
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