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5551RE: [GreenLeft_discussion] Enjoying Latham

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  • Carl Kenner
    Apr 1, 2004
      I hope this is just Peter Boyle being a larrikin, and not the opinion of his

      The crimes of the Labor party against the anti-war movement are
      extraordinary, especially in NSW. They have tried to destroy us with every
      trick in their arsenal.

      As far as I know the Labor party has supported pretty much every war there
      has ever been, and is likely to continue to do so.

      I have NOT been putting in the hard work to build an anti-war movement just
      to hand it over to the people trying to smash us.

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      From: Peter Boyle [mailto:peterb@...]
      Sent: Friday, 2 April 2004 2:13 PM
      To: GL list
      Subject: [GreenLeft_discussion] Enjoying Latham

      I have enjoyed Mark Latham's war of words with Howard around bringing
      Australian troops out of Iraq, especially the exchange below (from
      Hansard) on Wednesday March 31.

      Further, Socialist Alliance comrades in the Stop The War Coalition were
      quick to help get out a statement welcoming Latham's championing of
      "troops out" since March 23 (though we are told "immediate withdrawal"
      was the shadow cabinet's policy since 12 months ago). Socialist Alliance
      also welcomed Latham's promise. Both statements are on the list.

      Latham's stand is a great oening for the anti-war movement here, as as
      doers and no just gasbaggers, Socialist Alliance comrades and other
      anti-war activists are moving fast to act on this opening. I outlined
      the orientation I thought that the anti-war movement should take on this
      list, the day after Latham's interview with Carlton (and included the

      I'll add another line to that. IMO, the June 30 anti-war rallies should
      invite Latham to speak on their platforms on the theme of bringing the
      troops home.

      I am also enjoying Latham's "Aussie larrikin style" (and try to imitate
      it when taunting Bob Gould on the list -- just for fun).
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