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5398Re: Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right

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  • Kim B
    Mar 24, 2004

      Bob writes:

      "Laborites tend to react very viscerally against people who give their preferences to politicians who most Laborites regard as essentially conservative. It's particularly ironic of Peter Boyle and the DSP leadership to be quite properly pointing to the progressive aspects of Latham's public announcement today on withdrawing troops from Iraq at the same time as the Socialist Alliance is deliberately isolating itself from the possibility of influencing Laborites in the city of Sydney, by this preference decision".

      Kim writes:

      Tell me Bob, how do Laborites react when their own party engage in rabid sectarianism and do preference deals with conservatives such as the Liberals and One Nation? 

      Not only have the ALP done a deal with the Liberals for preferences in Leichhardt, they have also preferenced One Nation members in Bankstown and Campbelltown (as well as in other electorates throughout NSW) over the Greens, Socialist Alliance and any other progressive candidates (see article from SMH below).

      Bob, are you going to demand a "public" debate by the ALP to explain all of this (and if you do, good luck with getting one... but don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen).

      Alan Bradley wrote:

      "Frankly, from where I'm sitting, it looks like the SA have handled this exactly correctly. The people who had the responsibility for making this decision have made it, after appropriate political discussion. What's the problem?

      Funnily enough, Bob is actually implying that the DSP should be crunching the numbers in a factional manner, in order to overturn this democratic decision!"

      Kim writes:

      Exactly!!  In Bob's world, the DSP is damned if the do and damned if they don't.  For the last year, Bob and friends have consistently trotted out the booggy that the SA is a "DSP front", but then when it become evident that this is not the case and  SA makes a democratic decision that he does not happen to agree with, he starts lobbying the DSP to start a factional fight to try and overturn the decision.  That maybe how they do it in the ALP Bob, but thats not how things are done in the SA.

      Kim B



      Liberals, One Nation to swap preferences

      By Paola Totaro and Claire O'Rourke
      March 25, 2004

      Pauline Hanson's One Nation is fielding candidates in at least five municipalities in Saturday's local council elections, but most are running as independents without declaring their affiliation.

      According to a how-to-vote card in Bankstown, Sydney's most populous municipality, the Liberal Party and a One Nation-affiliated candidate have thrashed out a direct swap of preferences despite a pledge by the NSW Liberals that there would be no such deals.

      The move comes as the Liberals push further into local government - the party will run endorsed candidates in 27 local government areas across the state. One of the party's recognised birthplaces, Albury, will have Liberal candidates standing for the first time, as will Ashfield, Gosford and Hawkesbury.

      Endorsed candidate Shayne Mallard will run in the City of Sydney after the collapse of Kathryn Greiner's Sydney Alliance group.

      Arthur Frauenfelder, lead candidate on the Liberal ticket in Albury, said he joined the party when approached by other Liberals who wanted him in their group. "Let's face it, [the Liberals] have got a state and federal member on both sides of the border . . . basically we have got a fairly staunch Liberal conservative approach from people," he said.

      The Liberals would run together but would not caucus on council decisions if elected.

      Albury would act as a test case and determine whether the party endorsed future candidates in rural council areas, said Jeff Egan, retiring Liberal councillor in the Blue Mountains City Council.

      The Liberals were also focusing on traditional Labor councils such as Rockdale, Parramatta and Randwick, he said. "It's going to [mean] a significant increase in votes for those candidates who move from being independents to being party endorsed."

      In Bankstown, Bob Vinnicombe is running as an independent, but is also listed as a branch delegate and branch executive in Pauline Hanson party's north-west region. This is listed on the One Nation website. He has swapped preferences with a Liberal candidate, Les Osmond.

      The state director of the NSW Liberal Party, Scott Morrison, said yesterday he knew nothing about Mr Vinnicombe's One Nation affiliation but insisted the Liberals would not do deals with One Nation.

      "Bob Vinnicombe ran in the Auburn byelection in 2000. He is an independent," he said. "I don't know anything about the website. We don't give One Nation our preferences."

      Other former One Nation and affiliated candidates are running in the elections, but list themselves as independents. They include a mayoral candidate in Lake Macquarie, Brian Burston, who is a former friend and staffer of One Nation MP David Oldfield. The two fell out dramatically last year.

      In Bankstown, Cr Lindsay Abrahams is running as an independent but remains on the One Nation website, as does Bob Thompson in Campbelltown and Tom Kennedy in Broken Hill. Both of them are running as independents.

      The list has outraged Waverley councillor and Jewish Labor forum member, George Newhouse, and upper house MP and One Nation Watch member, Henry Tsang, who described the tactics as "disgraceful". "It is time the Liberal Party stopped saying one thing at party headquarters and doing another at the polling booth. . ." Mr Newhouse said.

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