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5383Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] ALP will pull troops out of Iraq....

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  • farooq sulehria
    Mar 24, 2004
      Well, anti war movement here is pretty week.Demos on March 20 were not big success anywhere.Last year on Feb 15, we had historic demos here.
      I agree with what Peter says but at the same time, we must not forget the fact that it would be perhaps seen deiffrently in Muslim world. The al Qaida method may attract more youth to them considering this method as a success.I do not mean that imperialist powers should not pull out troops.But it is complicated in Muslim world.Recent statements by fundamnetalists show that the are portraying Spain as success.
      Also, one importnat thing was: the reaction in Muslim world to Madrid was different from S 11. If comrades here are interested , I can post a small piece I wrote on that.This time, there were no 'celebrations' instead it was sympathy for victims.
      I think we face the task, particularly in Muslim world, to show that al Qaida is wrong and troops pull out is also a result of mass movemnets. Unfortunately, the anti war movement is week in Muslim world.but its coming up.More actios like March 20 will help build that.Hope so.Farooq 

      "Pip, Peter & Zoe" <ppz@...> wrote:

      farooq sulehria wrote:

      >  Comrades, This announcement by ALP must be welcomed.But let me put it
      > another way:is it as a victory for Al Qaida as well besides a victory
      > for anti war movement?

      Hi Farooq

      Good to see you on the list! What is the movement like in Sweden?

      Almost any victory for the anti-war movement in the imperialist
      countries today will also reflect an element of mass fear of terrorist
      attack. Hence, the ALP opposition is orienting as much to the mass
      desire to do anything to reduce the threat of terrorist attack as it is
      to sentiments of soldarity with the victims of imperialism. But that is
      always a component of mass anti-war movements. Consciousness develops
      unevenly, but every victory of a popular mass movement helps that

      Peter Boyle

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