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5356Re: Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right

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  • br3068
    Mar 23, 2004
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      Ed, you sum up the arguments around the Moore issue quite well and
      most SA members would pobably agree with you on these points re why
      she should receive prefernces above the ALP.
      Good news that you and Bob remain such good mates, despite that in
      Bob's eyes you too have obviously "lurch to the right..." and now
      practice "non-class populist" politics... and you say it is me who
      not interested in serious discussion (sic).

      Ben Reid

      > This post probably won't please Ben Reid (who in any case appears
      > to be interested in serious discussion, but is merely baiting) or
      > Gould, who I think makes some strong arguments against
      > Moore, which is a useful contribution.
      > One final observation to Ben Reid: don't get too excited about
      > disagreements between myself and Bob. We disagree often, but our
      > collaboration on the Ozleft project will continue.
      > Ed Lewis
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