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5346Re: Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right

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  • Kim B
    Mar 23, 2004

      Bob, you just don�t get it do you!!

      The Central branch of Socialist Alliance democratically voted for such a preference selection. Whether or not individual members of the DSP may agree or disagree with this is totally irrelevant.

      What is relevant is that a democratic discussion and vote took place in a SA branch and that DSP members, like all DSP members, will abide by the democratic vote taken by the SA branch as a whole.

      Yes, Bob � THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE ..... (something the ALP hardly ever practices, instead preferring, as is well documented, to engage in branch stacking and other such activities to achieve the "democratic" outcomes they desire in their branches).

      It is not up to the DSP to have a "public" debate about a SA branch decision. To do so would be totally undemocratic and would undermine the decisions made by the SA.

      The main problem here, Bob, is that you and your co-horts at Ozleft refuse to accept is that the SA is not a "DSP front". It is an organisation which has a life of its own and makes its own democratic decisions.  Not every decision taken by the SA will necessarily co-incide with a position the DSP may or may not take.  This is because the SA is NOT the DSP.  Yes, the DSP obviously has input into the Alliance because we are members of it, but the SA is not a DSP doppleganger as you would have everyone believe and the sooner that you accept this fact, the better.

      Kim B

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