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  • Ratbag Radio
    May 2, 2008
      I should also point out that this NSW campaign has pulled Bob out of
      his comfortable Laborist slumber and his routine bagging of the non
      ALP socialist left -- and back into focusing on activity and what
      can -- and should -- be done.

      He hasn't had a rant in that hobbyist mode since....whenever.

      That in itself suggests the degree of political motion that is in
      play. If Bob can get down from his NewTown high chair and mix it with
      the hard yakker of working out what to do next rather than defending
      his ALP mates (as is his standard approach to his party fold)
      regardless of what they do -- then all power to Bob Gould.

      Go for it buddy!

      So it follows that Bob can call it as it is without deflection:"The
      important thing about the current struggle is not that there's an
      ideological right wing, of which Costa is the most extreme example in
      the Labor Party at the moment. There has always been a right wing in
      the ALP.

      "What is important, in the material world that I inhabit, is that the
      rather battered Labor ranks have been mobilised by the struggle
      against electricity privatisation into a substantial fightback against
      a right-wing Labor government. It's also extraordinarily important
      that the overwhelming majority of trade unions in NSW, both left and
      right, have stuck to their guns despite hysterical pressure from the
      majority of Labor politicians and, particularly in the last week, from
      the bourgeois media."

      Bob may presume that a fightback against a"LEFT-wing Labor government"
      would be unnecessary as though "left wing" Labor is genetically
      totally free of the disease of economic rationalism and a slavish
      deference to the market

      But let's not get too caught up in pedantics.

      Afterall, even my old estwhile lefty mate -- Ian McDonald -- is being
      disowned by Bob.

      What Bob is not saying here -- although I think he probably knows it
      in his heart of hearts -- is that the ALP "left wing" is being remade
      and a new alignment is in play.

      In effect, I guess, a regroupment is in play, but a regroupment --
      as Bob recognises -- that is dependent on a broader extra party
      alliance. Thats' what is driving it.

      So we come back to the core argument we've been having with Comrade
      Gould for over five years here: struggle rules -- when Bob has
      usually preferred to go with gut loyalties.

      The question is --despite his reference to same -- are we to repeat
      the Theodore/Lang outrage in order to save Labor from itself? (And in
      his way Lang did save the NSW ALP from itself)

      Bob has the measure of the situation -- thats' true:"Right now, that
      kind of mad capitalist world market is going down the gurgler at a
      rate of knots, and it's in that situation Costa and Iemma are trying
      to flog the NSW electricity assets for the very small amount they're
      likely to get."

      But does Labor have any other option than to so flog? Labor "flogs"
      off the silver ware in every state and federally and has been doing
      that since 83 at least. It is a standard regardless whether its left
      or right wing Labor doing it. Thats' what Labor does...better than the

      I'm not asking Bob to disown the ALP -- but if Bob thinks that a Labor
      left is organically better than a Labor right -- then what kind of
      "left" is that and who's going to lead it? (And lead it toward what
      sort of promised land?)

      Not Ian McDonald obviously...

      dave riley
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