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53421Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: The NSW Labor conference

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  • luke weyland
    May 2, 2008
      Don't you think its time that all decent minded people who value public
      ownership, national integrity, rights for Koories, gays, refugees, mentally,
      ill, unemployed, workers, .... and believe that the environment is not a
      resouce to be exploited by multinationals, but is a trust we hold for our
      decendants, to look elsewhere?

      Check out the Greens, Check out Solidarity, Check out my dearly beloved
      Socialist Alliance, Check out the others, and join one of these make it an
      enriched voice for human rights, peace, social justice and environment.

      Ditch Iiema's selloff selllouts We need a true labo*U*r Party. Where U are
      vitally involved. The ALP has never truly been one, and I strongly doubt
      will ever be.

      May the force be with you all, allways,
      Luke "skywalker" weyland

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