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5337Pakistan ?

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  • les evenchick
    Mar 23, 2004
      --- farooq sulehria <mfsulehria@...>
      > Comrades,
      > Recently there was an article,,and some
      > comments, about recent happening in Pakistan in
      > order to arrest soem al Qaida members.

      A question?:

      All the press writes about is "Al Qaida".

      What ever happened to the Isamic Jihad of
      Afghanistan which I thought was the dominant
      "terrorist" group based in Pakistan.

      They used to have a website where they advocated
      military actions in war zones(areas occupied by
      foreign troops) only and claimed credit for
      actions in Afghanistan that the US has called Al
      Qaida actions.

      Are these 2 different organizations and if so why
      is the US ignoring the differences and who is
      really fighting Karzai and the US?

      Now the press says they never had any evidence
      that any AL Qaida officials were even in the area
      attacked, so what is really going on?

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