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5334Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right

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  • Pip, Peter & Zoe
    Mar 23, 2004
      If the DSP practiced the rigid control over its members that Bob Gould
      constantly alleges, then:

      1. There would not be differences between DSP members on this question
      in the Socialist Alliance.

      2. Various DSP members would not have expressed different views on this
      matter to Gould.

      3. I would not have admitted on this list yesterday that there was a
      discussion within SA, including within the DSP and ISO about this

      The real situation is above. As I wrote in an earlier post today, the
      Socialist Alliance is capable of having such a debate, calmly,
      democratically and without fear of any "lurch to the right". However,
      can you really blame anyone in the Socialist Alliance (DSP, ISO or not)
      for thinking to themselves: why the hell should they account to Gould
      who is clearly out to smash the biggest step towards socialist unity
      seen in years?

      The discussion around this question of how socialists should relate to
      community independents like Clover Moore (who in this age of
      ALP-Coalition neo-liberal government have far more public credibility
      than the ALP) is an interesting one. I think this is a broader phenomena
      and how socialists should relate to them does depend on their political

      Let's discuss this. But I don't buy the argument that the ALP has to be
      supported because it is a workers' party. It really doesn't deserve any
      more support than that offered by the rope to the handed man.

      Peter Boyle
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