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5333Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right

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  • Pip, Peter & Zoe
    Mar 23, 2004
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      Gould's Book Arcade wrote:
       This unprincipled opportunism in the Socialist Alliance is causing a
      considerable upheaval in that organisation, as we speak. A number of the
      smaller affiliates are, quite rightly, demanding a call to order on this
      question and it will be interesting to see how the argument proceeds about
      preferencing conservative populist Clover Moore and her team over the
      I understand that the national convenors of the Socialist Alliance have as yet received no such call fom any affiliates. In any case local Socialist Alliance branches have the power to decide on preference flows.

      Is this another demonstration of Bob Gould's amazing predictive/anticipatory powers?

      Or is Gould calling on some small affiliates to make such a call?

      Or does this loyal ALP member imagine's he has a little operation in the Socialist Alliance. I wonder what will other Socialist Alliance members think of such a call given Gould's role in all this?

      Peter Boyle

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