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5308Re: Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right

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  • nobbytob
    Mar 22, 2004
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Gould's Book Arcade"
      <ggouldsb@b...> wrote:

      > The non-class, populist politics practiced in Australia by

      [ long, most single-edged, "monolectic" "party congress oration"
      deleted ]

      so, bob, which classes interests does this Amateur Liberal Party
      represent again? the donations lists is quite impressive, don't you
      think so, bob?

      now, i'm happy to read the other, bigger half of your analysis of
      labour vs moore politics - like the background of the crushing
      powergrab by sussex+macquarie st by sacking the 2 councils against a
      huge majority that is against this coup-like forced amalgamation.
      tell me, bob, what do your fellow-party-goers say, why they did, what
      is so obviously against people's will.

      and then, who again is gathering all those grassroots activists, who
      defend their living areas against high-rise developments, protect
      their environment against vulgar destruction - just look at pyrmont

      whose election material contains nothing but hot air, merely trying
      to parrot what almost all other tickets put forward prominently,
      which is *meaningful* community consultation. which party has the
      most apalling record in ignoring or crushing public opinion here in
      NSW? tell me, bob? who has slashed workers' compensation, broken the
      picket line, and mocked the workers? bob? Another Liberal Party

      you used strong words, bob. they will backfire, though i can't be
      bothered any more by your lenghty diatribes. we have some work to
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