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5300Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right

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  • Pip, Peter & Zoe
    Mar 22, 2004
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      Gould's Book Arcade wrote:
       Australian Socialist Alliance lurches dramatically to the Right
      In his enthusiasm to split and destroy the Socialist Alliance, Bob Gould goes overboard once again.

      By all means lay out the arguments why the Socialist Aliance should not give its preferences to the Clover Moore independents team, after the Greens but before the ALP (which in turn is preferenced before the Liberals),  in the ballot Sydney mayor. But even if these arguments prove sound, such a preference distribution would not be by any stretch of the imagination "a lurch to the right".

      Socialist Alliance is quite capable of having that discussion as list readers will be able to follow through Alliance Voices in the next few weeks I am sure.

      In the meantime, the nasty little divisive lies about DSPer's blaming decisions on the ISO are all too transparent. There is discussion and debate taking place on this matter in these affiliates and within Socialist Alliance itself.

      Peter Boyle

      P.S. Just to restore a sense of proportion see: <http://www.lee.greens.org.au/campaigns/donations/NSWALP.html>

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