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51550Re: Australia: Power workers oppose NSW Labor government's privatisation bid

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  • bobgould987
    Feb 27, 2008
      The so-called World Socialist Web Site quite a few years ago took a
      dramatic turn to the right and now attacks all socialists, attacks the
      working class and all its organisations, and in practice peddles the
      ideology of the bourgeoisie. Current bourgeois ideology concerning the
      labour movement is absolutely clear: unions are outdated, no use to
      workers, and workers should give unions away. That point of view of
      the ruling class took a terrible beating in the recent federal
      election, and a good thing, too.

      The World Anti-socialist Web Site peddles basically the same story:
      unions are out of date and workers should leave them, the only
      political task is the totally metaphysical idea that the workers can
      be persuaded to directly construct the World Socialist Web Site
      Revolutionary Party by means of the web.

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