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51546Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Australia: Power workers oppose NSW Labor government's privatisation bid

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  • duroyan fertl
    Feb 26, 2008
      While I know that the nuts at WSWS go to extremes in not differentiating between ANY of the other parties (having split their preferences 3 ways - ALP, Green and Coalition - at the last Federal election) I do wonder if perhaps it might have warped their brains slightly.

      The article that Michael posted a link to contains this wonder:

      "Opening Tuesday’s rally, Unions NSW assistant secretary Mark Thistlethwaite declared there were 15 state Labor MPs on the platform and commended them for their “courage” in “opposing” Iemma and Costa. Their supposed opposition, however, has more in common with concerns over the future loss of seats. Public opposition to the privatisation of state electricity is running at 64 percent and Iemma’s approval rating is at a 10-year low."

      They mean, of course, MATT Thistlethwaite, of Unions NSW, and AWU, and former NSW Young Labor prez.
      MARK Thistlethwaite was a candidate for One Nation, ten years ago:


      Michael Berrell <dennyben@...> wrote:

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