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50987Re: Weird sectarianism on electricity privatisation

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  • alanb1000
    Feb 10, 2008
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      "Rohan Pearce" wrote:
      > There is a discrepencey with the online version unfortunately and
      > some problems with the Sydney calendar over the last few weeks (and
      > with some other cities too). But to construct a conspiracy theory
      > out this is ridiculous

      In fact it seems like a straightforward technical issue.

      How important is it? Well, the calendar is an obvious tool for anyone
      who is inspired by the online version of GLW and wants to get
      involved in practical activity. As such, it needs to be useful.

      Updating the calendar is no doubt firmly pencilled in on the "to do"
      list of DSP branch, and at least some SA ones. It appears, however,
      that it needs not just to be pencilled in, but inked.

      The biggest chuckle in Bob's blog entry was this:
      "The failure to mention the event at Trades Hall is obviously in part
      motivated by a desire to insulate DSP members from the possibitity of
      corruption by the ordinary Labor Party members who are likely to turn
      up to the even in some numbers."

      Obviously. :)

      Alan Bradley
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