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50044Re: DSP Congress reaffirms commitment to broad left regroupment

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  • leslesrev66
    Jan 7, 2008
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "bobgould987"
      <bobgould987@...> wrote:

      > Peter Boyle, in reporting cautiously on the conference, makes a point
      > that women have been promoted in the new leadership, but that's
      > obviously just a figleaf for factional considerations.

      because it's obvious that a large number of women couldn't possibly be
      playing such a leading role in a revolutionary party that the membership
      would express their acknowledgement and trust in that leadership by
      actually electing them to leadership bodies in the party. why, that
      would be just plain crazy, wouldn't it?

      much more likely to be some inexplicably - and unexplained - convoluted
      factional manouvre swallowed blindly by a large majority of delegates.

      as for the rest of bob's contribution - a break from reality is nice,
      but sometimes you can go too far. it would have been much more
      informative of bob's argument to see some actual facts, or evidence,
      instead of the usual smoky delphic mutterings and ramblings. of course,
      i admit that would be difficult for someone who wasn't actually at the
      conference and so heard none of the discussion or reports.

      given bob's mystical intimate and extensive knowledge of the inner
      workings of all the parties he's not involved with, combined with his
      apparent faultless and unparalleled abilities to build socialist
      organisations, i'm frankly surprised that his beloved ALP hasn't
      already united the world in a global worker's state.

      seriously, bob's "analysis" of the DSP congress has probably been
      sitting on his desk for months, just waiting for the names (didn't
      matter which ones) and a bit of juicy faux-gossip to be pasted in before
      it's secterian glory was spewed forth into the world.

      try this on for size, bob:
      a marxist-leninist revolutionary party - a party that actually believes
      in socialism - held a decision-making conference where a majority of
      delegates, elected by their branches and directly responsible to the
      general membership, openly elected the leadership they believe best
      suited to take the party forward at this time. they made this and other
      decisions after serious consideration, and after an extensive and
      intense debate about the right direction for the party. a debate
      participated in by the entire membership. there were no expulsions, no
      purges, and no demand that any comrade change their beliefs.

      so, perhaps a deep breath, some analysis, and a little bit of wait and
      see might be in order.


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