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49983Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: A balance sheet on the crisis in the DSP

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  • luke weyland
    Jan 5, 2008
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      Tonight the DSP conference finished ( with the exception of the concluding
      rounding up in the morning session to come) with a celebration of numerous
      victories by DSP, Resistance, Socialist Alliance, and the broad left

      All of us raised our fists in the air and sung, or shouted both Solidarity
      Forever and The Internationale. Laughter, hugs, and sharing a common
      struggle a common hope, dream, and a struggle to come. I was filled with
      more confidence and hope, than I was over the past few weeks.

      To the majority, let us continue to welcome ideas that the minority faction
      will continue to offer. To the minority, we need you to fight along side us
      for for the rights of all workers, gays, refugees, disabled, orphans,
      unemployed, students, subbies, migrants, etc. May we strive for the
      peoples of Latin America, welcome the arrival of President Hugo Chavez Frias
      ( or perhaps his minister) to Australia, May we not rest until 21st
      Socialism is fully realized, across this planet.

      PS Jim I am really looking forward to reading Volume II of the History of
      Resistance/SWP/ DSP!

      May the force be with you all, always,
      Luke "skywalker" weyland

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