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49933Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Statistics on the Socialist Alliance

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  • luke weyland
    Jan 3, 2008
      As a member of Socialist Alliance I welcome Bob's Gould's eternal interest
      in Socialist Alliance, including its Resistance and Democratic Socialist
      Perspectives. It would be good to see all Socialist Alliance members as
      interested in our rich and varied campaigns and History as Comrade Bob.

      Our numbers are both our strength and weakness -as we would certainly
      welcome ever more people who decide to become part of our movement who are
      committed to human rights ( including rights for workers, unemployed,
      students, gays , the refugees, first Australians, orphans....)
      anti-imperialism, and a long term environment the better both for us and for
      the world at large..

      Socialist Alliance is a democratic institution where decisions are made by
      its members. - not by unelected officials in Sussex Street, or by its leader
      against the wishes of National conventions, caucus etc. Labor generally
      tends to discourage members from becoming activists as they see democracy as
      coming from the voice of its elected and appointed leaders. I cannot
      remember ever hearing of them seeking new members . Greens began as a bunch
      of rural activists. With their wonderful success in having members elected
      to various upper houses ( and once as the federal member for Cunningham)
      they gradually stopped being an activist group and now neither encourage nor
      discourage political activism among its members. Socialist Alliance, ( and a
      few other small socialist groups) promote the causes to which they believe
      in and their party - look at any issue of Green Left Weekly and you will see
      a tear-out form for readers to return if they are interested in either
      joining or seeking further information. We encourage our members to
      participate directly in any one of a number of campaigns. We encourage our
      members to seek our roles within their trade/student unions. Where members
      have other concerns they are welcome to become involve in these too.

      We in Socialist Alliance are committed to protecting our civil liberties, at
      least as defined by the UN declarations and conventions. We believe that
      these must be enshrined in a Bill of rights/ and/or as part of Australia's
      constitution. We support the right of workers to withdraw their labour. We
      support the Rights of all adults to have their relationship recognized as
      marriage. we oppose both the US bases, and the 'visits' of US fighter planes
      and boats. We recognize the rights of nations to self determination.{ Though
      I would like to see KevinO7 decide to liberate Texan and Alaskan Oil). We
      believe in free education that includes University and TAFE. We believe
      public transport should be free.

      May the force be with you all, always,
      Luke "skywalker" Weyland

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