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49343Re: Dopey exposure as usual by Gould

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  • rogerraven
    Dec 9, 2007
      My views are based on my experience, which now covers a reasonable
      period. How others perceive R. Gould is for them to decide.
      Gould's approach on my reading is very very much an approach that
      would appeal to the Hard Right; it is most certainly not Left. But,
      "Hard Labor" would do.

      based --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "luke
      weyland" <lukeweyland@...> wrote:
      > Whilst Bob Gould may be hardly ever right about anything, he
      certainly NOT
      > Hard Right!
      > I remember attending my first (and last Walk against War meeting
      where the
      > ALP, CPA, Union leadership, and a number of churches voted to
      expel any
      > person from the Socialist Alliance. I reckon 30 % supported the
      motion, 25%
      > opposed including Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative and a
      few local
      > groups opposed, Greens members abstained, and the rest, like
      myself, were
      > barred from voting. (some democracy)
      > Bob was prepared to take the shit dished out by the Labor and
      union hacks
      > for daring to stand by Alex, Pip and others. I have also seen bob
      at both
      > ISO and DSP summer schools, something Hard Right Labor machine
      hacks have
      > never done.
      > While it pisses me off how Bob attends DSP functions, and uses the
      > discussion group to attack what he believes that the DSP stands
      for, lets
      > not fall into the trap of seeing him say as another Morris Iemma
      or worse.
      > May the force be with you all, always,
      > Luke "skywalker" Weyland
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