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49318Re: Dopey exposure as usual by Gould

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  • rogerraven
    Dec 7, 2007
      Since Hard Right Labor apparatchik Gould is back in town, why don't
      we ask him how the UnionsNSW petition is going?

      Recall Gould wrote back in June: "Unions NSW is preparing a petition
      directed at Kevin Rudd and the Labor leadership with five or six
      minimum demands on trade union and workers' rights, in the most
      careful and respectful language. My understanding is that the five
      or six demands are very concrete and Unions NSW is aiming for, and
      probably will get, several hundred thousand signatures to this
      petition in NSW."

      Then, Gould flourished the nobility of the Victorian branch of the
      CFMEU, which decided to continue supporting the election of a Labor
      government, and to direct its financial support to those Labor
      candidates who commit to a minimum program in support of basic trade
      union rights.

      Finally he claimed to have "canvassed in Labor Party circles the
      formation of a Pledge-type national campaign around a minimum
      program, particularly defending the rights of unions in the Labor
      Party, and unionists in the Labor Party and society at large, and
      other matters." So how is that going?

      Such a result requires overcoming machine-men and machine-women whose
      only reason for existence is the unPrincipled exercise of Power, and
      who will be strongly supported by State ALP governments and the Right-
      wing press. However desirable, such a result is infinitely
      improbable. Like many contemporary apparatchiki, Gould takes the
      view (dominant since at least 1983) that power is more important than

      Few union functionaries show any significant signs of resistance to
      Rudd's misrule. The current situation seems the logical conclusion
      to the path of incestuous betrayal long practiced by powerful union
      officials - as long as they can leap onto the deck of the Labor Party
      yacht to collect their job for the boys and girls, it doesn't matter
      to them that their leap sinks with all hands the boat that they so
      recently captained.

      Hard Right Labor apparatchik Gould actually expects us to believe
      that a deeply anti-union ALP "leadership", having won power on the
      explicit basis that they intend to betray working people, will then
      give to the union movement all the things they told all their
      supporters they'd take away from it should they win.

      It was primarily the sweatshop laws that destroyed Howard and his
      government, not trade unions. Note, too, that Labor owes its victory
      to just 12,000 people in 9 electorates, so Howard's focus on the
      marginally marginal electorates did almost work.

      Unionism and worker solidarity are good things; contemporary unions,
      though, are usually amongst the problems.
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