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49295Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Dopey exposure as usual for the DSP

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  • luke weyland
    Dec 6, 2007
      Over time, YR@W went from simply being a Vote anyone but Howard grouping to
      a Put Kevin07 In Party. just examine their cards. They compared ALP with
      that Double Headed monster , known as the coalition, but never examined the
      policies of other groups such as the Greens, Socialist Alliance, Communist
      League, Socialist Equity Party or the Socialist Party. All of which ran
      candidates on 24 November. If Socialist Alternative, Solidarity, the ISO or
      CPA had chosen to run candidates I would have added them to the list just
      meantioned (but they chose to become a vote Greens movement anyway).

      Funny how Comrade Rudd, in his victory speech, remembered to thank John
      Winston Howard Esquire, but forgot to mention the ACTU and its member trade
      unions - Australias biggest democratic institution. Yet without the help of
      these unions, and individual unionists from within Get Up, The ALP would
      have faced the leadership spills that befall defeated parties, not the
      Double Headed Beast.

      May the force be with you all, always,
      Luke "skywalker" weyland

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