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49276Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Dopey exposure as usual for the DSP

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  • luke weyland
    Dec 6, 2007
      One thing Bob, the Socialist Alliance (and thus its members that include the
      DSP) has clearly meantioned the role of the union movement has played in the
      change of government. We are critical that gradually the YR@W campaign
      became a vote ALP campaign. Kevin 'Kevin07' Rudd and Maxine (flying her blue
      baloons refered to her many many helpers but never stated the role that the
      trade unionists played. Comrade Kevin07 thanked his predecesor, John
      Winston Howard yet never dared thank the unions. breathed a word about the
      existance of the 2 million Aussies who belong to Australia's democratic

      Liberals and Nationals throughout the election period refered to me and the
      other 2 millions as thugs. While Kevin07 sacked trade unionists from the
      party for daring to say 'Mr Howard is finished' or supporting colective

      We even had the ironic situation when Howard attacked McClelland for stating
      his views on the death penalty. - Even though it was absolutely identical to
      the official policy of the Liberal, National, Democrat, Green, Family First
      & CDP Labor and Socialsit Alliance Party. Rudd forced McCleland to
      withdraw it.

      May the force be with you all, always,
      Luke "skywalker" Weyland

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