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4653Re: A Response to Peter Boyle, and the Editorial Board of Green Left Weekly

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  • alanb1000
    Feb 20, 2004
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      Bob Gould wrote:
      > I'd ask Alan Bradley this sociological question: what's the
      > difference in social composition between the two Toowoomba seats? Is
      > it the case that the one won by the Nationals goes out into the
      > areas and the one won by Labor is the more urban, working-class one?

      There's sod all difference between the two seats. Toowoomba North
      contains both the richest and poorest bits of town.

      It's a marginal seat for Labor, although they got re-elected this

      Before the last election the Liberals had held it for about 25 years
      or so.

      > I'd also be interested if he could give us some breakdown of the
      > preference flow from the Greens in the Toowoomba seats.

      I have no idea.

      Alan Bradley
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