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43511Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Media Monitors and information gathering

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  • Jonathan Strauss
    Jun 6, 2007
      --- barn1950 <douglas.jordan@...>

      > To put it as simply as
      > possible the
      > charges laid against the comrade who works for Media
      > Monitors is
      > nothing more than a crude smear and slander job
      > which appears to be
      > driven by factionial hatred.
      > It is time
      > to call a halt
      > to this campaign before it spirals out of control.
      > No the real anger in this case should be directed at
      > the ALP
      > leadership who now cannot even accept traditional
      > militant unionism.
      > This is the real issue not the slander campaign
      > against a principled
      > socialist.
      I opened my email today to find a deluge of postings
      on this topic. I could pass comment myself, of course,
      but agree with the above (clipped) remarks and ask the
      moderator to consider what can be done to put them
      into effect, without inhibiting political (as opposed
      to prosecutorial) argument.

      Jonathan Strauss


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