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42608Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Bastard Boys and dialectics

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  • Rohan Pearce
    May 18, 2007
      On 5/18/07, rolandsrudebox <rolandsrudebox@...> wrote:
      > A simple question Norm. Are you for the defeat of the Howard
      > government or not? Do you think workers would be better off
      > under "Workchoices Lite" (as the new DSP slander goes) or
      > the "Workchoices Plus" (or Gold) as the Howard government will
      > introduce in his next term?
      > Judging by the responses, you and your Strasserite organisation
      > certainly do not.
      > Roland

      I think it's abundantly clear that we're for the defeat of Howard. And
      surely the fact that we've described it as ``Work Choices Lite'' would
      indicate that we think it's better than Work Choices. But the real
      question is, do you think that Labor's IR policy is a good one? Isn't
      it true that it retains aspects of the Howard government's IR
      legislation? If you were writing Labor's policy, is it what you would
      have come up with? Or do you think there are some serious problems
      with it? And in that case do you think it's better to explain what the
      problems are with Rudd's policy or should we just hush them up and
      pretend they don't exist? You don't make it clear whether you think
      that there is a problem with our analysis of Rudd's IR policy or with
      our criticism of it.

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