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42597Re: Bastard Boys and dialectics

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  • alanb1000
    May 17, 2007
      "glparramatta" wrote:
      > But what are Bob's view on Rudd's ``WorkChoices Lite'' and the ALP
      > support for secret ballots and its strike ban? On the ALP's support
      > for open slather uranium? His sucking up to the big mining
      > corporations and his appointment of a major capitalist as his
      > ``business advisor''?

      All nonsense aside, these are good questions.

      Interestingly, today seems to be a rare pause in what has
      increasingly seemed to become a nonstop ALP march to the right.

      From The Australian:
      Labor's contract escape clause
      Steve Lewis and Matthew Franklin
      May 18, 2007

      EMPLOYEES may be given the legal right to break individual work
      contracts and return to award-based conditions under Labor's future
      industrial relations system.

      Labor industrial relations spokeswoman Julia Gillard last night left
      the door open for the radical move, but admitted there were legal
      matters and other "complexities" to be ironed out.

      Of course there is plenty to be critical of, but the basic idea of
      ripping up individual contracts and going back onto awards seems to
      be there. A pleasant change.

      I still have to say that I despise Rudd with what is for me a rare
      passion. He makes me think of Billy Hughes and all the other Labor
      rats of the twentieth century. I suppose that's almost a hopeful
      thought, in that at least some of these scum were forced out by
      opposition within the ALP.

      But still this hideous little bastard is quite likely to be the next
      Prime Minister - and what the hell are we going to do about him?

      At least he's not John Howard.

      Alan Bradley
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