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4250Campaigning in QLD state elections

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  • dave_r_riley
    Jan 25, 2004
      Socialist Alliance demands Labor repeal draconian Abortion Laws

      For immediate release 25/01/04

      Independent candidate for South Brisbane Lynda Hansen endorsed by the
      Socialist Alliance stated ` the silence is thunderous, here you have
      two other women candidates standing for election in South Brisbane
      and not one has mentioned the reproductive rights issue. Labor
      Premier Wayne Goss won a State Election in the past on a promise to
      legalise abortion, with many women voting for Labor believing things
      would change. Coming up to another State Election, little has
      changed. Are Labor and Greens too afraid to mention Abortion as an
      election issue?’

      `As an active feminist and socialist I have been campaigning for
      years to demand that women have a choice about their bodies. If I am
      voted to office I will immediate campaign to repeal the abortion laws
      and take abortion out of the criminal code. Women demand choices not
      moralising and broken promises. As a representative of the Alliance I
      will campaign for fully recognised and paid maternity leave and a big
      increase in publicly funded child-care services. If women choose to
      have families there should be extensive social and economic service
      infrastructures to assist them. It’s to time to stop treating women
      like second-class citizens!


      *Socialist Alliance to serve eviction notice on Labor Politician*

      For immediate release 25/01/04

      Big Pollie Eviction – One way to improve public housing in Brisbane

      Independent candidate for South Brisbane endorsed by the Socialist
      Alliance states `Socialist Alliance South Branch and supporters will
      be picketing outside Labor MP Anna Bligh’s office on Saturday
      January 31, at 11 am to serve Bligh with an eviction notice to
      vacate her campaign office to make way for urgently needed
      accommodation for homeless people in the local area’

      Lynda Hansen states `Bligh made a cruel and careless comment made
      last week in the Southside News that the homelessness matter was a
      `difficult social issue’. Hansen states `what Bligh called a
      difficult social issue is actually about people- human beings in our
      community that need, as we all do – basic fundamental services such
      as a roof over their heads.

      Green candidate Juanita Wheeler sung gentle platitudes about
      emergency shelters and affordable housing but did not put forward any

      Socialist Alliance housing policy is quite clear there are real

      Establish a large-scale building program to make good quality, energy
      efficient affordable public housing available. Stop privatisation of
      public housing. Expand funding to housing cooperatives. All rents to
      be capped at 20% of income. Ensure fully funded refuges and other
      secure emergency accommodation for women and children escaping
      domestic violence.

      Establish a publicly owned and controlled housing finance corporation
      to provide low-interest home loans to those in need.

      Join us to serve an eviction notice on Anna Bligh, and tell her what
      you really think of Labor’s rotten record of funding for public
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