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42093Re: The sales campaign for WorkChoices Lite begins ...

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  • rogerraven
    May 2, 2007
      Corrupt and incestuous connections between the unions and the ALP are
      best indicated by the Combet/Robertson/Lawrence jostling, based on
      the experience that the ACTU President and/or secretary is pretty
      well guaranteed a safe Labor seat. We have also seen unionist Doug
      Cameron set to take over from George Campbell as an ALP Senator as a
      result of similar machinations.

      Perhaps a DSP/SA press release, including a table or diagramme (a
      picture is worth a thousand words), listing the destinations of all
      the ACTU officeholders over the last 25 years would do much to
      demonstrate the consistency of the rewards for union bosses who sell
      out workers.

      There is a striking contrast between the Hard Labor / Big Union
      embrace of Rudd and his ideology and the deference shown by them to
      business criticisms of Rudd's sweatshop laws for requiring a minimum
      size for the sweatshop. Hard Labor's machine-men seem concerned not
      whether they've moved too far to the Right, but whether they've not
      moved Far Right enough.

      DSP/SA is under no obligation to prefer either of the ALP or the
      Coalition, or indeed any other political party.
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