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  • dave_r_riley
    Apr 30, 2007
      -Oh thankyou Bob Gould for your informative contribution. We will wait
      with baited breath on your analysis of the bourgeoisie on this matter
      while the working class is left to fend for themselves.

      I will return to Potemkin on the next available bus and wait for your
      missive on the matter...

      But tell me this, Bob: is this a bourgeois party we are dealing with
      here or a workers party? Is this party under discussion(that is IF we
      are allowed to discusses it that is, as you have protested so often in
      the past when we do) by default FOR the workers or FOR the bosses?

      Or isn't that question not allowed?

      And what, given your many years of experience as a loyal member of the
      afore mentioned party, should the more progressive element within its
      ranks be doing as a consequence of this rout?

      I recall that Carmen Lawrence (remember her? she was somebody in the
      ALP for a time)urged us all to "come back again and again" to each ALP
      conference to win the change we seek.

      (By the way, was Carmen there this year?}

      So will you be advising all those who oppose this massive sellout of
      working class interests to sign on with those like the letter you
      mentioned -- as you did align yourself 25 years ago in your pristine
      youth in response to the Prices & Incomes Accord --or merely shrug
      your bookseller's shoulders and return to the everyday business as usual.

      It is a conundrum, isn't it, Robert Gould? A mighty conundrum. Because
      after a recent career dedicated absolutely to pouring shit on the
      Socialist Alliance and all those who sail in her, falling back on DSP
      or SA baiting aint going to be so easy now that the chickens, as it
      were, have come home to pee.

      (Maybe it was because we were so sectarian that the politics has
      panned out so? What you reckon? Its' "our" fault?)

      Opps..I'll have to continue this later, Robert. Excuse me. Here comes
      my bus....

      PS:But when you work it all out, please let me know what the lie of
      the land is.

      dave riley
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