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40823Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] NSW elections, the media and the will of the people

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  • Michael Berrell
    Mar 28, 2007
      Before this election passes into memory something should be said about the role of Radio 2GB in Sydney.

      As Bob and others have noted there was a particularly feral campaign waged by both major papers in Sydney, the Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald.

      On the Friday before the election, the Sydney Morning Herald took the extraordinary step of moving its editorial to the front page demanding or pleading for a vote for the tories. I think this was the first time the Sydney Morning Herald moved its editorial to the front page since the 1976 State Election when it accused Neville Wran of being "Whitlam writ small".

      The coverage in the Daily Telegraph was probably more pernicious because as Bob notes its aimed at a working class demographic particularly in the western suburbs which also happens to be the demographic that radio announcer Alan Jones appeals to. The role of the Daily Telegraph is to corral its predominantly working class leadership behind the tories by appealing to and promoting reactionary social policies.

      What hasn't been noted sufficently is the role of commercial radio and particularly Radio 2GB here in Sydney. It conducted a round the clock campaign of vitriol against the State Labor Government.

      Not only the state Labor Government about just about anything remotely progressive in Australian society. It has conducted a relentless campaign of vilification against Sydney's muslim community. It has become in effect a vehicle by which propaganda is disseminated by extreme right wing elements of the Liberal Party.

      Interestingly, since the election result it is has now embarked on a campaign to protect the leadership of Peter Debnam who was installed as leader of the state liberals by a cabal of right wing religious zealots.

      The station has also displayed since the election result a deep seeded distrust contempt for democracy and is now waging a campaign demanding the abolition of compulsory voting and claiming that the election was rigged or stolen by multiple voting etc.

      2GB is owned by John Singleton and the Macquarie Network and right wing shock jock Alan Jones has acquired a large stake in the station since switching from 2UE last year. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald the station's ratings went through the roof during the election campaign.

      2GB is really the electronic equivalent of the Daily Telegraph, it pitches to a largely working class audience and its constant stream of anti-labor vitriol is often interspersed with Rugby League coverage etc.

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