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4050WA ETU sackings

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  • ozleft
    Jan 13, 2004
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      By Bob Gould

      This short news item from the January 13 "Australian" is a basically
      accurate account of the current situation in the WA ETU, although it
      puts the Murdoch press's conservative spin on these developments.

      A few facts need to be added. The three sacked union officials, who
      are taking the action in the federal court for reinstatement in their
      jobs, are left-wingers.

      The election vote for the secretary's position indicated that the two
      factions were almost equally balanced, because the incumbent leftist
      Bill Game won by four votes. Immediately after the elections,
      simultaneously with sacking the three organisers from the rival
      faction, the new majority on the state council closed down the small
      but courageous union paper edited by Game, the previous two issues of
      which had vigorously opposed the Iraq war and defended asylum
      seekers, which is no small thing in a craft union in WA.

      My information is that the council voted to start a new publication,
      but, so far, that hasn't appeared.

      The painful fact is that the coalition that sacked the three leftist
      organisers and closed down the radical union journal includes a
      leading member of the DSP in WA.

      Battle for control of key union

      Roger Martin

      A bitter battle is being fought for control of Western Australia's
      electricians' union as three of its former organisers sue the
      organisation for unfair dismissal.

      Former advocate Avon Lovell and former organisers Shane O'Byrne and
      Carl Young are claiming unfair dismissal by the electrical division
      of the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union last September.
      While the brawl is on public show in the case before the West
      Australian Industrial Relations Commission, the struggle has wider
      implications for control of the Labor Party.

      The CEPU is not affiliated with the ALP, but a faction that took
      control of the union last September has strong Labor ties. If it
      returned to the ALP, it would probably join the Centre faction of ALP
      powerbroker and Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union boss
      Kevin Reynolds. Mr Reynolds is suspected of supporting a challenge to
      CEPU state secretary Bill Game at the September election, who is
      believed to have backed Reynolds opponents at a CFMEU ballot a year

      Both men survived the challenges, but Mr Game is now a lame duck
      leader after his opponents gained control of the CEPU's governing
      state council.

      After the September ballot, the newly elected state council
      terminated the employment of three of Mr Game's supporters – Mr
      Lovell, Mr O'Byrne and Mr Young. All are now suing the CEPU for
      unfair dismissal.
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