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  • Walter Lippmann
    Feb 25, 2007
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      I'd like to invite you to share some more of your poetry directly here with
      the CubaNews list. Just post what you wish directly, using this address:
      CubaNews@yahoogroups.com and it will go out to nearly 950 people worldwide,
      and will surely be picked up elsewhere. There are readers of CubaNews here
      on the island, and some of them are the nice people who translate from
      Spanish to English for CubaNews. There are people here in Cuba who speak
      English quite well, but the best thing for you to do is post them to the web
      and hope to encourage hard-copy sales personally. You could offer to send
      printed copies, with your autograph, for whatever you want to ask.

      Translating poetry isn't the same thing as translating political writing, so
      for the sake of your poetry, you really need to keep that in mind.

      Thanks for your very kind words. As you know, CubaNews is a labor of love
      for me. No one pays me for what I do. My guess is your poetry is the same.
      I'd love it if you would write something about your own experiences here in
      Cuba, how they inspired you to write what you've written, and so on.

      You're quite welcome to send me a copy in Los Angeles, and I'll send a note
      out about it when I return. Mail service to Cuba is a bit erratic for simple
      surface mail.

      Best wishes,

      Walter Lippmann
      Havana, Cuba

      p.s., please remember: two "p"s and two "n"s in my name. Thanks.

      From: Elizabeth Wagner [mailto:jaimal_nz@...]
      Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 4:43 PM
      To: walterlx@...
      Subject: Query

      Dear Mr Lippmann:

      Greetings from New Zealand. I receive your Cuba Digest
      on a regular basis for which I thank you.

      I recently had a book of poetry published entitled
      "Cuban Cocktail" (32pp) based upon my month's stay in
      Cuba. Published by Square One Press of Dunedin, New
      Zealand. The poems are non-political. And in English.

      I am wondering if you have any suggestions of making
      these poems available in some way within Cuba. Should
      these be translated into Spanish? although that would
      be difficult at this end.

      To simplify, would any interest be generated by this

      Or do you know someone whom I could contact?

      I look forward, Mr Lippman, to your possible response.
      Yours sincerely

      Isha (Elizabeth) Wagner

      Do you Yahoo!?
      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
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