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3890Re: Proof of the pudding

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  • br3068
    Dec 26, 2003
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      Is this a self criticism from "Ozleft"? Is it only socialists who
      agree 100% with abandoning their own organisations and join the
      Greens and ALP to carry out entryism that have found "success"??? :)

      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "ozleft" <ozleft@y...>
      > "There exists a scholastic and academic historico-political outlook
      > which sees as real and worthwhile only such movements of revolt as
      > are one hundred per cent conscious, ie, movements that are governed
      > by plans worked out to the last detail or in line with abstract
      > theory (which comes to the same thing). But reality produces a
      > of the most bizarre combinations. It is up to the theoretician to
      > unravel these in order to ... `translate' into theoretical langauge
      > the elements of historical life. It is not reality which should be
      > expected to conform to the abstract schema. This will never happen
      > and hence this conception is nothing but an expression of
      > Antonio Gramsci, The Modern Prince
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