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3883Re: Proof of the pudding

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  • paperclay_man
    Dec 26, 2003
      Ed Lewis wrote:

      > > Fundamental social change will come about when issues of social
      > > economic justice and consistent democracy are taken up by the
      > > majority of the population. Some people might call that
      > > others might call it by other names ...[etc].

      I wrote:

      > Maybe you [ED LEWIS] could continue with some more posts on how day
      >to day you
      > think people can do what you set out in this post in way of tasks.
      > I'm sure you'd agree that that's what Tristam's doing it in the
      >ALP --
      > but I wonder if you have any thoughts about this process as it
      > relates to the Greens?

      I wonder if could attend to this at some time, Ed. At your
      convenience, of course. I'd really like a reply to my question.

      MT Void.
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