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3848Re: Proof of the pudding

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  • alanb1000
    Dec 20, 2003
      "ozleft" wrote:
      > The point at the moment is how to demonstrate the relevance of the
      > issues and values sometimes called socialism to the majority of the
      > population. At the moment we are a very long way from doing that. The
      > Greens are making some progress, the ALP left is likely to play an
      > important role in any progress made in that direction, and the
      > Socialist Alliance may find a way to contribute something useful. We
      > can live in hope.
      > The immediate question is how to develop concrete, detailed policy on
      > issues directly affecting the majority of the population, which can
      > demonstrate that the left really is an alternative, and win mass
      > support. This the Greens at all levels and the ALP left have always
      > done better than ever managed, or even attempted, by the DSP, which
      > goes a long way towards explaining the irrelevance and lack of
      > practical usefulness of the DSP as a political organisation in
      > broader society.

      Well, it's good to see we've clarified our differences. :)

      Alan Bradley
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