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3847Re: Proof of the pudding

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  • ozleft
    Dec 20, 2003
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, glparramatta
      <glparramatta@g...> wrote:
      >>Some rambling thoughts and requests
      >>Can Tristan and the Ozleft mob please outline to the 1000 or so
      activists in the Socialist Alliance what specific progress they are
      making within the ALP (and perhaps the Greens) to organise socialists
      politically on the understanding that capitalism must be overthrown
      and replaced with an entirely new system.>>

      Fundamental social change will come about when issues of social and
      economic justice and consistent democracy are taken up by the
      majority of the population. Some people might call that socialism,
      others might call it by other names, most will probably not use any
      word to describe it ending in "ist", "ism, or "ite", which is
      probably a good thing as such terms are usually understood as
      caricature, distortion or simplification. Also content is more
      important than form.

      Differentiating yourself by revolutionary sloganeering, which is all
      it amounts to, might be comforting in a way religion and the goal of
      heaven might be comforting to believers, but it doesn't actually move
      us on iota closer to achieving our goals.

      The point at the moment is how to demonstrate the relevance of the
      issues and values sometimes called socialism to the majority of the
      population. At the moment we are a very long way from doing that. The
      Greens are making some progress, the ALP left is likely to play an
      important role in any progress made in that direction, and the
      Socialist Alliance may find a way to contribute something useful. We
      can live in hope.

      The immediate question is how to develop concrete, detailed policy on
      issues directly affecting the majority of the population, which can
      demonstrate that the left really is an alternative, and win mass
      support. This the Greens at all levels and the ALP left have always
      done better than ever managed, or even attempted, by the DSP, which
      goes a long way towards explaining the irrelevance and lack of
      practical usefulness of the DSP as a political organisation in
      broader society.

      >>, and answers provided that show that real progress is possible at
      this time, arguing that socialists -- and especially Marxists --
      abandon the most successful Australian socialist project in decades
      for the ALP quagmire is tantamount to sabotage.>>

      Why is it so difficult for DSP members to grasp simply stated and oft-
      repeated political statements of people outside their tiny circle of
      acolytes? Please point us to where and when anyone from Ozleft, the
      Greens, or the ALP left who have contributed to this discussion have
      urged DSP members or others in the SA to "abandon" their
      organisational project?

      Ed and Rose
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