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3843Proof of the pudding

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  • glparramatta
    Dec 20, 2003
      Some rambling thoughts and requests

      Can Tristan and the Ozleft mob please outline to the 1000 or so
      activists in the Socialist Alliance what specific progress they are
      making within the ALP (and perhaps the Greens) to organise socialists
      politically on the understanding that capitalism must be overthrown and
      replaced with an entirely new system.

      We need facts and figures on this not just theories, wishful thinking
      and hopes.

      How many revolutionary socialists are you comrades working with inside
      the ALP, how are they organised, do you have a faction and who are the
      key activists in it, do you control branches, how are you educating ALP
      members and supporters about the need for revolutionary socialism, what
      specific initiatives are you carrying out, how do you envision socialism
      being won through the ALP, are you prepared to split from the ALP right
      at some time?

      Unless these sort of questions are addressed, and answers provided that
      show that real progress is possible at this time, arguing that
      socialists -- and especially Marxists -- abandon the most successful
      Australian socialist project in decades for the ALP quagmire is
      tantamount to sabotage.

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