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36058Re: Raven-Dixon double act

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  • rogerraven
    Nov 22 2:22 PM
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      No-one is obliged to read or reply to anyone's' posts, including mine
      and Gould's. All appear to be agreed that this issue does not
      deserve the attention that is being given to it. So do I. But it
      has become topical because so many people have chosen to become

      In contrast, there does seem a real reluctance to become involved in
      serious discussion of serious issues; blogging seems to be regarded
      as an end in itself, which should not be in leftist circles.

      In her description of my posts, the (DSP) moderator is breaching her
      own views on name-calling.

      Most of my posts (I too would prefer it to be all) are about serious
      issues, started by the dreadful standard of debate on East Timor.
      Incidentally, not only did I seem to be the only contributor to make
      positive suggestions, but also there was a total loss of interest on
      this loop some time ago regarding East Timor's problems – and
      solutions – even though it and wider island state issues are
      increasingly visible.

      It should be obvious from the left's complete inability to influence
      events that there are very serious inadequacies in the way that the
      left is doing things. To put it another way, the way that people on
      the left – whether contributors to this list, in the DSP or not - are
      doing things is far from the ideal. If there was a general
      recognition of that AND a determination to do better, my main aim
      would be achieved. It would seem an important aim. It would also
      seem in the best interests of the left.
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